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Under new Management

Acme Plating Ltd offers a wide range of quality plating services and expertise to a large client base. When it comes to electroplating and chemical zinc plating, Acme Plating Ltd is a leader in the industry.

Our fully automated electroplating process and strict RoHS compliance and rigorous quality standards make us New Zealand’s premier electroplating business. By offering New Zealand's only fully automated Electroplating line we are able to deliver consistency and quality of plating.

We offer large volume as well as quality plating services including Bright Blue (Silver) and Gold plating options.

Our zinc plating chemicals are suitable for rack or barrel plating and large volume batches in our fully automated plating line.

Our superior technical support and expertise will ensure the best options are followed through for each job.

About Us

Acme Plating was established in 2004 to supply Auckland and New Zealand with quality Zinc Electroplating services to exacting specifications and quality.

After building from the ground up a fully automated plating system to cater for the New Zealand Market Acme Plating are in a position to supply consistent high quality plating on time and to it's customers exacting requirements.

We offer

  1. New Zealand only fully Automated Electroplating Process and Polishing
  2. Consistency and Quality
  3. Full Technical Support
  4. Superior Quality Control
  5. High Volume Capability
  6. RoHS Compliant
  7. Wide Database of Expertise

Benefits of Zinc Plating

  • Excellent ductility & adhesion.
  • Ultra bright zinc deposit approaching that of chloride zinc.
  • Maintains ductility even with thicknesses in excess of one mil.
  • Superior zinc deposit plate with consistent distribution.
  • Zinc Plating can be applied to just about any surface, including ones which have holes or inner tubes.
  • Zinc Electroplating provides corrosion resistance to the steel fastener by acting as a barrier and sacrificial coating.
Plating powder  Zinc

Contact us

Phone: 09 6361094
Fax: 09 636 1095
Address: 28 Angle Street Onehunga, Auckland,1061
E-mail: admin@acmeplating.co.nz